We know that Jesus is the true light that came into the world to enlighten every human soul.  This is made clear to us in the opening verses of John's Gospel, chapter 1.  As it was in the first century, so it is today.  Jesus is the light that enables every human soul to see God.  In Christ, God is working to draw every human being to Himself.  When we share the Gospel in any meaningful way, we are participating in the grace of God for other people.

While it is true that God does not need us (He could save us all without any human help), He does invite us, and call us into the work of the Gospel.  We may not go out onto the streets or far away into a mission field in some other land, but we can do whatever the lord gives us to do right where we are.
Never forget that ever neighborhood and every city and every workplace, cafe, and backyard is a mission field.  The people on our street are just as important to God as the people in some distant land.
The light that brings hope to every human being is Jesus.  Let us share that light with everyone we can.

Ministry of Jesus

Jesus Ministered for Three Years Before He Became the Sinless Sacrifice for all Mankind.
The ministry of Jesus lasted three years and is described in the Gospels, which include Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
From the point that he was baptized by John in the Jordan River to the story of his sacrifice, death and resurrection, Jesus healed the sick, taught his disciples, resisted temptations of Satan, performed miracles and spoke parables. This collection of articles provides insight into the life and ministry of the Son of God, sent to earth by God to become the blood sacrifice for mankind. 

White Oak Spring Missionary Baptist Church